Taaca and I
As a plant enthusiast, very few moments are as memorable as meetings with remarkable plants.

I call these Botanical Moments.

Commonly however, what constitutes such exciting moments for a botanist is:

  1. Encountering the biggest or smallest of something
  2. An unusual manifestation of  a certain plant lifeform,
  3. A rare or single species-only representation of a plant genus or family, or
  4. A plant from a very primitive plant lineage, or a old plant lineage within a group.

These encounters can be in a botanical garden or in the natural environment. Personally, I prefer the latter.

This page is therefore an index of links to posts featuring my meetings with and writings about remarkable plants.

Ethobotanical Excitement and Plant Use Enthuse

| AckeeChewing Betel | Durian – Custard of the GodsThe Yerba and the Mate | Vegetable Ivory |

The Grand 

| Arve Big Tree | The big guns of the plant world – Gunnera manicata | Cocoloba – the largest eudicot leaf | Dawning upon Dawsonia | Giant mountain rattan | Maximum PhilodendronTalipot | The Enormous Blood Vine | The Giant SedgeThe Tiger Orchid – World’s largest orchid | The White Knights of Tasmania |

Miniscule but a-Mazing

| Acaulon | Gigaspermum | Tiny Tantalizing Turfs | Treubia |

Living Botanical Dinosaurs

| Amborella | Apostasia | Didymoglossum | Trimenia |