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Finding the kernel of truth

Ever wondered where the expression “a kernel of truth” comes from? It is fascinating to me that “truth” is associated with plant kernels. Why this association? Is “truth” hard? Or is “truth” hard to find? Perhaps then, another question could … Continue reading

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Plants and people in Bali – a quick glance

A huge challenge for a scientifically-minded person is finding ways to see the world beyond the lenses of science. For a plant ecologist with a tendency to view physical landscape in terms of vegetation type classifications and thinking about plants … Continue reading

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The flowering tree that nobody saw

When a tree flowers in the canopy of a deep jungle, and there is no one to see it, enjoy it, or record it, has it flowered in vain? A most fitting allegory for the common human state of mind. … Continue reading

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A torch for enlightenment

A shrine, in the way I am using the term loosely, refers to any space where devotion or respectful contemplation is paid to a deity, or a figure representing someone, or a tablet with words or inscriptions. Shrines are everywhere … Continue reading

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Entheongaia 2012, a celebration of plant – people relationships

When I came to Australia all those years back I encountered a subculture of people, hippies, whom I had never had much, if any contact in southeast Asia. But I always mused at the way they carried themselves, their ease … Continue reading

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Fig-uring out plant totems

Most people would be familiar with animals as totems, but it might come as a surprise that a plant may be a totem as well. Essentially however, the idea is the same – a totem may be defined as a … Continue reading

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Moss-cloaked figures in the forest

When mosses clothe a raised mount such as this one, a once lifeless mount of dirt comes alive with radiant green. Such figures are common sights in the open understoreys of wet forest in temperate places. The forest acquires a … Continue reading

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The life-giving search

The Search Everyone is searching for something, even if they do not yet know what it is. When one decides that the search is over, one dies. But the search is never truly over. For some like myself, this feeling … Continue reading

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