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Finding the kernel of truth

Ever wondered where the expression “a kernel of truth” comes from? It is fascinating to me that “truth” is associated with plant kernels. Why this association? Is “truth” hard? Or is “truth” hard to find? Perhaps then, another question could … Continue reading

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The flowering tree that nobody saw

When a tree flowers in the canopy of a deep jungle, and there is no one to see it, enjoy it, or record it, has it flowered in vain? A most fitting allegory for the common human state of mind. … Continue reading

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Seeing after a lifetime of plant blindness

There is actually a term, “Plant Blindness” coined by scientists some 15 years ago to describe “the inability to see or notice the plants in one’s own environment—leading to: (a) the inability to recognize the importance of plants in the world, … Continue reading

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Making my own seed bracelet

Having seen the fabulous seed jewelry by indigenous people, Bev from Jedmax seeds and other local artists I became very fascinated with seed jewelry. The origins of seed jewelry making must go way back to the beginnings of human evolution, … Continue reading

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The gift of plant diversity to humankind

Citing very rough figures, there are some 300,000 species of plants known to science Human beings use approximately 7000 species of plants for food, and of these 150 species are commercialized. The majority of the world however rely on just … Continue reading

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Giants that return to the rain forest

Beyond the science of giants The world knows well enough of great trees like coastal redwoods, giant sequoias and douglas firs, and indeed, these trees of the Pacific Northwest are undoubtedly the grandest of trees alive. But much less people … Continue reading

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