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Finding the kernel of truth

Ever wondered where the expression “a kernel of truth” comes from? It is fascinating to me that “truth” is associated with plant kernels. Why this association? Is “truth” hard? Or is “truth” hard to find? Perhaps then, another question could … Continue reading

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Antarctic Beech veneration and moss bonanza

I am now at the midpoint of my great East Coast Odyssey 2013 and am in Brisbane where the inimitable Andrew Franks is based. 15 years ago, Andrew did his honours project on the mosses and related small plants that … Continue reading

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A macadamia in Africa? – the Brabejum oddity

Most times a botanist has to go out to look for plants, so that he or she can see the plant alive. This applies especially significant or special plants that piques his or her interest. On a fateful day last … Continue reading

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Nothofagus, icon trees of Gondwanan botany

Introduction In the Paleozoic era some 200 million years ago, the southern Hemisphere continents and islands like South America, Antarctica, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, New Caledonia and others were all part of one gigantic land mass known as Gondwana. In … Continue reading

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The tree of truce – the Bunya Pine

One of the most beautiful stories between man and plant must come from those between the Bunya Pine (Araucaria bidwillii) and the indigenous peoples of South-east Queensland. The Bunya Pine is a huge imposing tree attaining 30-45 metres in height, … Continue reading

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Gunnera – the big guns of the plant world

Location: Various – South America, Tasmania, New Zealand, Hawaii Gunnera manicata in cultivation. My diminutive brown wallet on the leaf as a scale Over half a decade ago I was taking a stroll at the Cascade Gardens just outside the … Continue reading

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