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Transformed trees! Drought changes the plumbing system of rainforest trees

Trees in tropical rainforests play an important role in the water balance of the planet. Every tree is like a fountain, drawing water up from the soil and putting it out into the atnosphere. Just one large mature tree may … Continue reading

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A forest in a savanna – the yin in the yang

Seasonally dry tropical forests are a globally significant biome for biodiversity and conservation. Globally speaking, Brazil is one of the strongholds of seasonally dry tropical forests, and Brazilian SDTFs may primarily be found in the country‚Äôs northeast semiarid region, in … Continue reading

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Ecology and wood anatomy of tropical rainforest plants

Tropical rainforests have been an obsession for me for as long as I can remember, and in particular how tropical rainforest plants have found solutions to living in a common environment. Just like people having a diversity of professions to … Continue reading

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Dry forest succession in Brazil – still much to learn

Understanding how a plant community recovers (i.e. succession) in tropical forest is important for managing and conserving these ecosystems, and indeed, tropical ecologists can no longer justify their existence with the claim that successional processes in tropical forests are poorly … Continue reading

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