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Towers built on turd – the Tayloria mosses

The human-made structures that we know as towers must have been inspired by mosses. Or maybe humans drew the idea for the design of towers from the superconscious, where the form of moss capsules are imprinted on the fabric of … Continue reading

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Cocoloba – largest in the world

The dream of any botanist – to see the biggest of any particular category, or form, of plants. One such dream for me was fulfilled in the campus grounds of the National Institute of Amazon Research, known among botanists and … Continue reading

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The Call of Little Plants – a short Brazilian reverie

I have heard stories of magical creatures, crows, dears, bears – animals often featured in animistic and shamanistic themes. In such stories, people feel a close affinity with these animals, and attribute great personal significance to them. They might say … Continue reading

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Meeting one of the world’s largest Philodendrons

Meeting giants is a major preoccupation in my life, but some plant giants come in all forms. One of these is in the form of a hemiepiphyte, a root climber that is found in the tropical jungles of south America. … Continue reading

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Age of a plant, useful concept or illusionary idea

Not too long ago I had a little discussion with a friend who is working on tree rings and we got into a little dialectic about tree age, or more specifically plant age. Very quickly, the conversation went into how … Continue reading

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The East Coast Odyssey 2013

On the 4th of Jan 2013 I embarked alone on an epic journey, behind the wheel of a small wagon. The journey was mind expanding, and it has given me perspectives about a large number of subjects that I would … Continue reading

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