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Pilgrimage to an ecological mecca – the Connell plot

Ecologists are pious nerds, and from time to time we embark on pilgrimages to visit sites of ecological significance. This post is on one such site. The year 1978 marked a significant advance in ecological science. It was the year that saw … Continue reading

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Danses des plantes retreat 2015

Upon entering the rain forest we are surrounded by a world of leaves – each dancing the journey work of their spirit. This weekend, a few friends and I went on a rain forest retreat to the Lake Eacham in the Australian Wet Tropics, to … Continue reading

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How to be a superweed?

An extraordinary weed with unchallenged vitality When ecologists study the biological traits of plants they often think in terms of trade-offs. An investment in one trait means less resources to invest in another. As an ecologist therefore, I was rather … Continue reading

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