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Once Upon A Leaf

A boy asked his mother: what is a leaf? She replied: a leaf is what gives us air to breathe It is the magic machinery that lets us live Whether we know it, or whether we believe Leaves come in … Continue reading

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Curing the gourd, mating the Yerba with the mate

The gourds used to drink Yerba mate, sometimes simply called the ‘mate’, is traditionally made from the Calabash gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) that has been cut to form a cup. Being a natural plant product, the traditional mate gourd requires proper … Continue reading

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Precatory words, Precatory Beans

Atop a fence not thirty meters from me sprawls a very special slender climbing vine. Dozens of people pass it by in their daily walks or jogs, oblivious and unaware of it’s nature. If I may say some precatory words, … Continue reading

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Fig-uring out plant totems

Most people would be familiar with animals as totems, but it might come as a surprise that a plant may be a totem as well. Essentially however, the idea is the same – a totem may be defined as a … Continue reading

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