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Titan Arum – World’s Largest Unbranched Inflorescence

Since I was a very young boy I have always wanted to see the Titan Arum¬†(Amorphophallus titanum). This was inspired from flipping through my little encyclopaedia as a boy and seeing a coloured drawing of a man looking small beside … Continue reading

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The world’s most robust sedge – Scirpodendron ghaeri

Ostensibly one of, if not the largest sedge in the world. Even if not by it’s height, Scirpodendron could easily claim to be among the most robust and ‘beefed up’ of sedges – a true ‘bodybuilder’ of the ‘sedge’ lineage. … Continue reading

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Sedge by the water’s edge

Sedge by the water’s edge Does it not faze you that the scorching sun may pilfer the precious water that sustains you Or do you not wonder if the stream you stand by will change it’s course and leave you … Continue reading

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Reliving an old festival

Almost by chance I stumbled on an article on Floralia, an ancient Roman festival held in the name of the Flora, the Goddess of Flowers or Vegetation. In ancient Roman times around 240 BC, this festival was celebrated ¬†between 28th … Continue reading

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The moss that inspired the will to live

Every plant, even the most diminutive ones, have the potential to inspire and teach us. Here is the inspiring story of Mungo Park, a Scot who explored Africa in the late 1700’s. He was caught and imprisoned by Arabs, but … Continue reading

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An appreciation of botanical art

Botanical artistry is among the most specialised of fields, which straddles both art and science. Yet, that was probably how a true appreciation of plants began – drawing, as exemplified in early rock art. Even though we may have little … Continue reading

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Developing an intuition about plants

Taxonomists (people who practice the art of describing and naming plants in the scientific tradition) are among the most passionate and focused of people, both individually and collectively. In the course of my study I’ve had the privilege to interact … Continue reading

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The life-giving search

The Search Everyone is searching for something, even if they do not yet know what it is. When one decides that the search is over, one dies. But the search is never truly over. For some like myself, this feeling … Continue reading

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The philosophy that distils from botany

A great deal of life’s most positive philosophy can be gleaned from a healthy obsession with plants. Let me elaborate. 1. LIFE IS FOR APPRECIATING Everywhere a plant lover goes, there are green things to appreciate. Plants are everywhere. Phytoplankton … Continue reading

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A date not worth eating but worth meeting – the Canary island date palm

It is strange that we do not hear more being said of giant palms, particularly since they are being grown everywhere. Perhaps this is because familiarity breeds contempt, and this would certainly be true for the Canary Island Date Palm … Continue reading

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